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My latest projects

Rebranding Projects

Engaged Leadership 

After being leaders in the Leadership Development & Executive Coaching industry for over 15 years, a rebranding and full re-evaluation of all company assets was implemented in both internal and external company items. Scroll and see some of the pieces from this project's brand guide. 

The Legacy Of You

As a newer company, The Legacy Of You needed to establish clear and specific branding to help their materials and content be easily identifiable. The brand requested keeping their original ands unique orange color not only as part of the logo but also as part of the overall rebranding. Scroll and see some of the pieces from this company's brand guide. 

StarQuest Dance Competition

StarQuest Dance Competition is a leader in dance competition industry, an over 3 billion dollar industry that impacts thousands of young performers and families year after year. Celebrating 30 years of success requires constant branding work and to ensure staying leaders in the industry every year, every new competition season (1 season a yer) a Style Guide is created to define the look that will guide the visual storyline of all events.  Scroll and see some of the pieces from the 2021 season's style guide.

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